New MB leader delivers first public speech

The Muslim Brotherhood held a press conference at its parliamentary office in Manial yesterday after the announcement of Mohamed Badie Abdel Meguid Sami as its new Supreme Guide.

The press conference was attended by a large number of Brotherhood members and journalists, although members of the Guidance Bureau, the Brotherhood’s leading body, were not present. Guidance Bureau members intended to announcement Badee’s leadership in front of the mass media, but refrained at the last moment to avoid being hassled by security forces, according to reports.

In his first ever speech, Badee outlined his policy for the upcoming period. The group believes in gradual reform based on peaceful change and in introducing constitutional amendments using persuasion and dialogue, not coercion, Badee said. The new leader also said that the Brotherhood rejects violence by governments, individuals, groups or associations. The regime, Badee added, must uphold freedoms, the concept of Shura, or consultation, democracy, and the separation of powers.

Speaking of the relation between the group and the ruling regime, Badee said, "We’re not enemies, despite the repression and confiscations we’re subjected to.

"But we won’t hesitate to uncover corruption, give advice and put forward propositions," he added.

Speaking on Copts, he said, "We believe that citizenship is based on full participation and on equal rights and duties," adding that he rejects all forms of sectarian violence.

Translated form the Arabic Editon.

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