NGO blames Paris attacks on ‘short-sighted’ policies

Europe should address “root causes of terrorism” while reacting to the recent attacks in Paris that killed more than 130 people, said an Egyptian human rights group.

The Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies (CCHRS) said the attacks are the result of the international community's flawed policies and Europe should not remedy the situation with military or security-based methods or solutions.

According the CCHRS, human rights violations by Arab governments against their citizens have always occurred on the backdrop of “short-sighted, opportunistic policies of the international community, in pursuit of short-term gains.”
It blamed the excessive flow of refugees and illegal migrants to Europe, as well as terrorist attacks in Europe’s capitals, on what it called “deplorable, short-sighted European policy”.
“Europe must not duplicate its failed US strategies following the 9/11 attacks. Those strategies only created the conditions out of which violent extremism grew stronger,” said CCHRS.

“A well thought-out approach is important not only due to Europe’s geographic proximity to some of the world’s most violent conflicts, but also due to its ongoing complicity with the major drivers of the emergence and spread of terrorism,” said the CCHRS, accusing the international community of contributing to the drivers behind terrorism.


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