Officials: Alleged Egyptian spy for Israel tried to recruit Lebanese journo

Investigations by the Egyptian Supreme State Security revealed that Tarek Abdel Razek Eissa, the Egyptian national who is accused of spying for Israel, was assigned by the Mossad to recruit the chief editor of a major Lebanese newspaper close to the Syrian regime and Hezbollah to work for Israeli intelligence.

Eissa offered money to the chief editor and the opportunity to present a television talk show in return for his services.

Eissa, who would be the middleman between the Lebanese and an Israeli agent working at the Syrian security services, is said to have succeeded in obtaining classified information that is critical to Syrian national security.

He also posted ads on the internet to recruit Lebanese and Syrian cellular communications experts to work for the Mossad.

He also managed to provide the Mossad with classified information about top executives in the three major Egyptian mobile phone companies, in preparation for recruiting them in an effort to infiltrate Egypt’s communications sector.

Eissa was having financial problems in 2006. He travelled to China to learn Kung Fu and work there as a trainer. When he saw an ad on Mossad’s website recruiting people from the Middle East who speak Arabic or Persian, he emailed the agency, saying that he is an Egyptian living in China and looking for a job.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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