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On final day of voting, thousands of Egyptians flock to elect their new president

Polling stations continue to receive voters on Tuesday, the third and final day of the 2024 Egyptian presidential elections.

Casting votes started at nine in the morning, and will conclude by nine in the evening.

The voting process for the 2024 Egyptian presidential elections began on Sunday, after the end of the electoral silence period and the cessation of the electoral campaigning process for candidates.

The presidential elections will be held within Egypt, according to the timetable specified by the National Elections Authority, from December 10-12.

The time for the voting process was set starting at nine in the morning until nine in the evening.

December 13 was set for the end of the counting process and sending the minutes to the general committees.

The National Elections Authority (NEA) determined the number of sub-polling committees in which citizens will cast their votes, which number 11,631 committees inside 9,376 electoral centers – including schools and health units.

There are also 15,000 judges from various judicial bodies to supervise the presidential elections within the country.

The authority explained that approximately 67 million voters are entitled to cast their votes in the presidential elections, as the voter database was closed on September 25, by the NEA.

The NEA also formed a central operations rooms to follow up on Egyptians casting their votes at electoral centers.

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