PM to appoint civilian for Aviation Ministry

Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzouri plans to choose a civilian as minister of civil aviation, he said on Tuesday. Ganzouri is tasked with forming a national salvation government.

He also pledged to reinstate the Ministry of Antiquities, which the previous caretaker government had scrapped, and separate the Social Insurance Authority from the Ministry of Finance.

Successive prime ministers have always assigned the Ministry of Civil Aviation to persons of military background, a tradition which activists say constitutes a militarization of civil institutions.

Former Finance Minister Boutros-Ghali was reported to have lent money to the government for social insurance and pension funds, but the current caretaker government has denied that he did so.

Ganzouri said that he consulted three prominent political figures regarding nominees for cabinet positions in the new government, and that he would continue consultations until one was formed, adding that he wishes to appoint young ministers.

He also said that he continued meeting with the ruling military council to discuss the formation of an advisory council to help the new government, and that he has conducted meetings with various political parties and coalitions in this regard, although he hopes to meet more of them and listen to their proposals.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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