Pope Shenouda discusses kindness during weekly blessing

Coptic Pope Shenouda III, during his weekly Angelus blessing on Wednesday, did not comment on recent sectarian clashes in Imbaba, instead choosing kindness as a theme.

“Kindness is to keep away from roughness, violence, cruelty, arrogance and harsh rebuke," the pope said. "It is gentility and meekness and refraining from pressuring others to do things against their will. Be gentle and you will gain people’s love."

The violence in Imbaba, a neighborhood of Cairo, prompted the interim government to review its response to sectarian issues in Egypt. Revolution groups plan a religious solidarity demonstration in Tahrir Square for Friday.

The pope gave condolences to the families of the victims during a meeting with Norwegians at the papal residence in Abbasseya.

"Those martyrs' souls have ascended to heaven, where they intercede now before the Lord to comfort their families," he said.

He also praised Salah Aziz al-Qrabany, who died inside the burning Virgin Mary Church while guarding it.

Meanwhile Copts have continued their protests for the sixth day in front of the Egyptian state television building, refusing to break up their sit-in despite government responses to the violence. 

Archbishop Mitias Nasr, pastor of the Virgin Mary Church in Ezbet al-Nakl, stressed that Copts will not stop their sit-in until the government releases Copts detained during previous sit-ins and reopens churches that have been closed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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