Protesters, police clash violently in Alexandria

Security forces and protesters clashed violently in Alexandria on Sunday, killing one activist and wounding scores of others.

Demonstrations in Alexandria started peacefully but ended with police besieging the demonstrators.

The demonstrators had gathered in Al-Qaed Ibrahim Square at 5:00 pm before they marched to the Northern Region Command headquarters to denounce the ruling military council.

They blocked the street leading to the headquarters, but later agreed to open it and protest on the opposite sidewalk.

Meanwhile, another peaceful march started from the Sidi Gaber train station, calling for an end to military trials of civilians.

Joined by residents of the area, the protesters marched to the security directorate and pelted it with stones, which prompted the police to respond with tear-gas canisters and shotgun pellets. Activist Bahaa al-Sonousy was killed.

An eyewitness told prosecutors that Sonousy was killed by a bullet from a pistol carried by a 30-year-old woman, which prompted prosecutors to order an autopsy of Sonousy's body.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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