Protesters rally across Egypt in absence of police, Islamists

Protesters gathered in squares around Egypt Friday to "correct the path" of the revolution by demanding the end of military tribunals for civilian detainees, and a timeframe for the transition from military to civilian government.

Like tens of thousand of their compatriots gathered in the capital, protesters in various governorates also called for increased independence for the judiciary and minimum and maximum wages, and the amendment of the current election law that stipulates parliamentary elections will be based on a joint single-winner and list-based candidacy system.

Islamist powers including the Muslim Brotherhood had earlier said they would not participate and were generally absent from the rallies.

Police and security were also conspicuously absent, following a Supreme Council of the Armed Forces statement that protest organizers would be responsible for securing the demonstrations.

In Ismailia, dozens of members of the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition and 12 political parties marched around Mamarr Square. In Mansoura, 200 members from the Nasserist, Karama, and Tagammu parites, the youth coalition and other movements marched from Nasser Mosque toward Shuhadaa Square.

Protesters raised banners calling for the execution of ex-President Hosni Muabrak and former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and the removal of the current interior minister. Football fans also took part in the rally.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis boycotted the protest, instead joining Farmers Day ceremonies.

In Beheira, dozens of members from the Ghad and Nahda Parties, Kefaya, April 6 Youth Movement and a campaign supporting presidential hopeful Mohamed Abouel Fotouh joined a rally in Sa’aa Square in Damanhour.

In Alexandria, thousands of protesters marched from Al-Qaed Ibrahim Mosque following Friday prayers. Political parties and Islamist powers were absent from the protest.

Various political groups said they would end their rally at 6 pm after they submit a list of their demands to military leaders.

In Minya, the April 6 Youth Movement said it dispatched a delegation to participate in Tahrir protests in Cairo.

In Beni Suef, dozens of protesters from the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition, the National Association for Change and the Adl Party headed to Zeraeen Square and raised banners that read” Bread, Freedom and Social Justice.” Local security raised its alert level as the protesters marched from Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz Mosque to the square.

In Suez, the April 6 Youth Movement and other political powers and parties marched on Arbaeen Square to call for purging government institutions of corrupt officials, setting a higher minimum wage and granting independence to Al-Azhar and the judiciary.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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