Rafah crossing opened for third consecutive day

The Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah border crossing on both sides for the third consecutive day before the stranded and humanitarian cases and to allow the entry of aid to the Gaza Strip.

An official source at the crossing said that the total number of transients during the past two days amounted to 1,158 people, including 926 people coming from the Gaza Strip into Egypt, and 232 people crossing to the Palestinian side.
Authorities allowed 82 truckloads of construction materials to enter the Gaza Strip, including 53 trucks that carried 3,875 tons of cement, and 29 trucks that carried 110 cubic meters of gravel.
The Egyptian authorities agreed to open the crossing exceptionally from Tuesday until Thursday. The crossing was closed after the Karam al-Qawadis incident in October 2014.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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