Rights group blasts Egypt govt’s failure to investigate telecom blackout

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information on Monday accused the public prosecution of showing laxity in investigating the cut in telecommunications services during the 25 January revolution. Egyptian authorities had cut off phone and internet services in an attempt to suppress demonstrations by preventing communication between protesters.

The network is accusing internet and telecommunications companies in Egypt of sharing responsibility for killing and injuring protesters due to the fact that the absence of communication services impeded protesters’ ability to summon ambulances and emergency services.

In a statement on Monday, the network said the public prosecutor has not completed his investigations into the former’s February complaint in which it accused telecommunications companies and internet providers operating in Egypt of criminal responsibility for killing demonstrators. The network explained that the public prosecutor did not summon these officials, which the network considers a failure in bringing those accountable to justice.

In its complaint, the network is demanding that both the Communications Minister and the head of the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority be investigated and held accountable for issuing the decision to cut communications and internet services in Egypt. In the complaint, the network also listed examples of how the decision to cut communications affected its ability to carry out its job.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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