Rights groups: Constitutional committee fails to reflect Egypt’s diversity

Thirty-one human rights organizations have criticized the constitutional amendment committee drawn up by Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which has been mandated with drafting amendments to certain articles of Egypt's national charter. Rights groups argue that the committee only includes members of certain orientations and ideologies.

In a joint statement, rights organizations said the committee included government officials from the former regime, such as the assistant minister of justice and the assistant speaker of parliament. The groups also criticized the lack of female representation in the committee, despite the availability of qualified female experts.

The organizations also warned that some committee members were key members of legislation committees under the former regime, noting that they had played a role in formulating flawed legislation and constitutional amendments in 2005 and 2007. Rights groups also pointed out that the committee was devoid of independent, non-politically oriented constitutional law experts who enjoy the trust of the general public.

The groups also said that, despite its importance, the committee did not reflect Egypt's political and social diversity, opining that it had the appearance of a coalition between members of the former regime and representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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