Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria provides VR display for Muhammad Ali Mosque

The Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria is granting visitors a unique experience by allowing them, for the first ever time, to tour the Muhammad Ali Mosque using VR technology for three consecutive days.

The VR technology was used in cooperation between the Royal Jewelry Museum and the Orient Museum in Egypt.

The technology was previously made available at the Alexandria National Museum a month ago, the Director General of the Museum Safaa Farouk said.

Farouk explained that the Royal Jewelry Museum witnessed a great turnout after the announcement about the VR technology, especially since the current era is dominated by the potentials of Artificial Intelligence.

The VR service is available for visitors without fees. Visitors only pay for the entrance ticket to the museum, she added.

The Royal Jewelry Museum recently received Pascal Rakat, a museum display consultant at the Louvre Museum.

Rakat was accompanied by a consultant to the Suez Canal Authority Mohamed al-Dhahabi and Farouk, during the visit.

One of the museum’s trustees explained to Rakat the most important holdings, the history of the palace and architectural details of the museum in French.

Rakat, in turn, praised the artifacts on display and the antiquity of the museum.

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