Scenes from Mubarak’s trial: Session 4

During Mubarak’s trial on Wednesday, former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly wore a blue prison uniform, as he has already been convicted in two other cases. Mubarak wore a blue Lacoste tracksuit and lied on a bed, even though, according to Egyptian law, defendants standing trial must be dressed in white. Mubarak and Adly face charges of treason and killing demonstrators.

Mubarak was placed to the right of his cage, unlike the last three sessions where he was placed to the left. When a plaintiff’s lawyer requested that he wear a white prison uniform during the next session, an expression of dissatisfaction appeared on his son Gamal. In Egyptian law, criminal defendants are required to wear white prison uniforms during trial proceedings.

A security guard explained that Hosni Mubarak's son Gamal approached the former president five times during the session to repeat what was being said. But they said Hosni Mubarak looked much better than during last session.

Mubarak's other son, Alaa, appeared quite exhausted, as he had a cold. He was sitting next to Osama al-Marasy, former first assistant to the interior minister for training, and Omar al-Faramawy, former security director for Sixth of October City. Alaa remained slouched throughout the session with his arm supporting his head.

Gamal remained standing at all times, blocking his father from the view of journalists, who repeatedly came close to the cage, so that they could not see him.

Adly was sitting on the front bench, as in the most recent sessions. He did not speak with anyone except with Adly Fayed, former assistant to the interior minister for the Department of General Security.

He was astonished to hear the plaintiffs’ defense team saying that he and Mubarak were coordinating the shooting of demonstrators on the phone while demonstrators were being killed. “What do you make of this?” he asked Fayed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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