Schweppes official: Workers agree to end sit-in over Coca-Cola handover

Schweppes Company workers have agreed to end a 48-day sit-in at the company headquarters in Monufiya after negotiations that would allow workers to keep their benefits after the handover to Coca-Cola.
Abdellatif Emara, General Union of Food Industries committee president at Schweppes, said workers staged the sit-in shortly after they discovered the new terms of collective labor agreement that was to be signed on Monday after their company was bought out by Coca-Cola.
The workers also demanded access to all the items of the agreement which would be signed on Monday before they allow Coca-Cola representatives into their company's headquarters, Emara added.
Representatives of the General Union of Food Industries and the Ministry of Manpower will attend the Monday meeting, Emara added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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