Second private school put under ministry supervision for violations

Education Minister Ahmed Zaki Badr ordered that the Gozour private school be put under his ministry's supervision for violating regulations by opening its kindergarten before the official start of the academic year.

The ministry’s monitoring committee also found that the school had been carrying out renovations without prior permission from the ministry. Furthermore, the school was found to be in violation of rules stipulating that private schools open two separate accounts with public-sector banks, with signatory powers granted to the school owner and headmaster respectively.

Badr also warned private schools not to request additional academic fees not included in the ministry’s rules and regulations.

Private Schools Association Director Al-Mandouh al-Husseini lauded the minister’s decision.

“Violating schools have been given a grace period to rectify their situations,” he said. “Once this deadline expires, however, they are put under the financial and administrative control of the ministry.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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