Security sources: Egypt to receive Libyan ‘Hope’ ship

Security sources announced Egypt’s agreement with a request by the Libyan aid ship named “Hope” to dock in Arish harbor, instead of in Gaza.

Sources said Egyptian authorities along with the Red Cresent will receive the ship, due to arrive later today.

Eight ‏Israeli warships surrounded the ship which was carrying 21 persons and 2000 tonns of humanitarian aid en route to Gaza.

Head of the Gaddafi International Foundation for Charity Associations Youseff el-Sawani said yesterday that one of the aid ship’s engines has malfunctioned. The ship did not break down but continued to sail slowly, reaching 40-50km from the Gazan coast. Israeli warships are reported to be jamming its communications.

The Israeli navy repeated its refusal to grant permission for the ship to enter Gaza and threatened to detain all persons on board if the ship attempts to reach its intended destination. ‏

The Libyan aid ship began its voyage to Gaza only six weeks after Israeli forces intercepted the Freedom Flotilla in international waters, an incident which resulted in the death of nine Turkish activists and caused international outcry.

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