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Sherine Abdel-Wahab goes public on dispute with ex-husband Hossam Habib


Sherine Abdel-Wahab’s name topped the famous search index Google, and the trend of social networking sites, after she exposed the details of her private relationship with her ex-husband, Hossam Habib.

She apologized to the Egyptian and Arab public for lying in the last period, and also recounted her suffering with Habib during her marriage.

Abdel-Wahab confirmed that her ex-husband assaulted her with “beatings and insults”, and she also revealed the real reason behind her shaving her hair, noting that Habib is the real reason for that.

This prompted Habib to break his silence to respond to the statements of his ex-wife, Abdel Wahab, in which she accused him of stealing her car and assaulting her.

He said that he will follow the law, and will respond officially to the media, using documents, explaining that he has been silent throughout the past period in respect for their former life together as man and wife.

In an audio recording to ET bel Arabi show, Habib said: “I will respond with documents that prove… all of this is a threat and blackmail… She always threatens with its audience… but my procedures are legal, and my response to the media will be with facts. I will not be in a hurry and I will respond legally with documents.”

Abdel-Wahab received wide support from her fans after talking about her ex-husband. Her fans sent messages of support, love and encouragement to her, as a kind of psychological support for her. They emphasized their strong love for Abdel-Wahab.

The fans’ comments came as follows: “Whoever didn’t meet a selfish, narcissistic and harmful person will not feel her pain. I’m very sympathetic to Sherine Abdel-Wahab, and I hope that she will return to us safely very soon.”

Another fan said: “Anyone who is exposed to an emotional crisis, separation or divorce, and there are many problems and collapses like this, as happened with Sherine with all the details that she told, so surely will come out of this crisis psychologically collapsed and exhausted.”

Abdel-Wahab said that she has material evidence of all her statements about her relationship with Habib, and she can prove them, stressing that they are not just words, and that she bears legal accountability for everything she said.

She added that she appointed senior lawyers in a misdemeanor case against Habib, and that she had paid nearly one million pounds for the lawyer’s fees out of fears from Habib, and that she had legal evidence.


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