Spain participates in 52nd Cairo International Book Fair

The embassy of Spain announced on Wednesday the country’s participation in the 52nd edition of the Cairo International Book Fair, which kicks off on June 30 at the International Exhibitions Center in New Cairo.

The embassy stressed its keenness to participate in this important cultural event, taking into account Egypt’s pioneering role in the book industry in the Arab world. Egypt is also a center for Arabic translation and dissemination of books written in foreign languages.

The Ambassador of Spain in Egypt, Ramon Gil Casares, will attend the inauguration of the Book Fair. He will present to Egyptian authorities two representative books of the Hispanic-Egyptian cooperation: the first Spanish-Arabic soccer dictionary, published by the Instituto Cervantes and LaLiga, and the Guidebook of the exhibition on “Hassan Fathy, Against the Current” which is showcased at the Spanish foundation Casa Árabe in Madrid and Córdoba.

Apart from the on-site involvement, Spain is also contributing to the fair’s online cultural activities, which will be broadcasted throughout the event’s duration.

These activities include an interview with the internationally renowned Spanish author María Dueñas, conducted by Egyptian journalist and hispanist Ahmed Abdulatif, as well as a tribute talk with two eminent figures of Arab studies: Spanish Arabist, Dr. Pedro Martínez Montávez, and Dr. Ahmed Mursi, professor and specialist in folklore and popular Arabic literature.

Spain is contributing to this important cultural event in order to highlight the importance of the Spanish language and culture around the world, according to the embassy.

The Spanish language is increasingly present in the Egyptian public universities, as well as private. Its teaching is supported by the Instituto Cervantes of Cairo and Alexandria, which plays a fundamental role in the spreading of Spanish language in Egypt.

The embassy noted that the Egyptian youth is very interested in everything related to Spain and its culture.

The book fair is free to attend, and will run from June 30 to July 15.

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