Syrians in Cairo demand action from international community

The Syrian community based in Cairo held protests on Thursday calling on the international community to take immediate steps to protect civilians in Syria and empower them to achieve their goals of democratic transformation.

A unprecedented wave of protests has been taking place across Syria since mid-March, demanding the fall of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

Rights groups say that clashes between security forces and protesters have left around 2000 dead, including at least 1600 civilians.

Mohamed al-Hemsy, a leading figure in the Syrian community in Cairo, called on the international community to take a firm and clear stance toward massacres taking place in Syria.

Hemsy called on the international community to warn the Syrian regime to immediately stop the brutal attacks committed against the people. He also demanded the withdrawal of security forces and the military from Syrian cities and the referral of the issue to the International Criminal Court.

Hemsy also called for enabling Arab and international humanitarian aid organizations so they can reach all the stricken areas. He also demanded that Arab and international media be allowed to enter Syria to inform the world of what’s happening there.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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