Tagammu sets conditions for participating in presidential elections

The leftist opposition Tagammu Party has set six conditions that must be met if it will take part in Egyptian presidential election set to take place this fall.

Sayyed Abdel Aal, the party's secretary general, said the conditions include the enactment of new constitutional amendments for articles restricting the right to stand for election, chief of which are articles 76 and 77, which relate to determining the presidential term. Other conditions include the formulation of new articles achieving a balance between the legislative, executive and judicial powers, cancelation of the Emergency Law and some articles of the penal code which curtail civil and political freedoms, amending the law on the exercise of political rights, and guaranteeing election integrity.

Abdel Aal also highlighted the importance of granting political parties equal opportunity for media coverage of their meetings and activities.

The current regime uses the Emergency Law to justify inhibiting the activities of political parties, said Abdel Aal.

Abdel Aal said the majority of Tagammu members have agreed on boycotting the presidential elections if their conditions are not met.     

The six conditions will be reviewed by Wafd, Tagammu, Nasserite and Democratic Front parties with the aim of achieving a political consensus in order to press the regime to implement reform ahead of the elections.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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