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Take a ride on Ali Hosny’s carnival ride and forget your concerns

Sufi chants and a celebratory atmosphere are found throughout all of Egypt's governorates during Mawlid.
Ali Hosny's ride is different from all the other rides at the Mawlid, particularly since children can find candies and other sweets there.
On the ride, one can forget his concerns and remember their childhood, says Hosny, a young Cairene man who is studying technical education.
Hosny said his family has been in the business for generations and he decided to take his father's place after his death to support his elder brother.
Hosny and owners such as himself roam different governorates during the Mawlids.
"I was in al-Refaay Mawlid, then Sayyeda Zeinab Mawlid and then we will go to al-Imam Mawlid," Hosny said.
Hosny added that although he had exams in few days he could not leave Sayyeda Zeinab Mawlid. "There is no attendance at the technical education schools in Egypt, which helped me in my career."
"Exams are very close. I try to study during the Mawlid," he mentioned. 
Hosny said many children come to his ride and know his name because he gives them candies. He pointed out that his work provides him with good income but only during Mawlids.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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