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Temperatures across Egypt will continue to rise in the coming days: EMA official

A member of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority’s media office, Manar Ghanem, said on Saturday that temperatures will continue to rise this week, accompanied by high levels of humidity.

During a telephone interview with Ahmed Moussa’s TV show “Ala Massoulity” (On My Responsibility), Ghanem explained that air masses coming from across the Arabian Peninsula are the main cause of the heatwaves.

The average temperature in Cairo ranges between 35C-38C in the shade, she said, rising by two to four degrees in direct sunlight.

The highest temperatures to be recorded in Egypt will be in Luxor and Aswan, which could reach up to 46C.

She warned that people out in the sun must use coverings to protect themselves against the heat.

Temperatures will drop by early next week, at around the beginning of August, Ghanem added.

She pointed out that unprecedented temperatures have been recorded globally and July has been the hottest due to climate change.

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