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Tensions escalate between Egypt and Israel following bombing of Salah al-Din Corridor

An Egyptian researcher in national security affairs, Ahmed Refaat, commented on sharp escalation in tensions between Egypt and Israel following bombings at the Salah al-Din Corridor (also known as the Philadelphia Corridor) between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

Refaat said, in statements to RT: “The Israeli enemy insists on escalating matters and bringing them to the greatest possible degree of confusion, but Egypt has set the last limits for the enemy to understand what is possible and what is impossible.”

Egypt has informed Israel of its reservations against the backdrop of the Israeli Air Force carrying out several strikes near the Salah al-Din Corridor separating Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

The axis is subject to a bilateral agreement that requires obtaining prior permission from the other party before carrying out any military actions in the region.

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said that Israeli security services are concerned about “The escape of senior Hamas officials to the Sinai Peninsula through tunnels located under Salah al-Din Axis, and therefore it is being bombed.”

The political analyst for the Hebrew newspaper, Lior Ben Ari, said that there are confirmed reports about the escalation of the dispute between Israel and Egypt regarding the operations on the axis in the southern Gaza Strip, noting that the Israeli army claimed that Hamas’ infrastructure in the region was attacked.

Egypt in turn confirmed its surprise at the lack of coordination with it.


Egypt has its limits

“Egypt, which is famous for its strategic patience in its policy, warns once, then the second time there will be a calculated escalation, and by the third time the transgressing party will have no one to blame but itself, as national security issues do not tolerate jokes and do not know tolerance or complacency,” Refaat explained.

The Egyptian researcher noted that these operations are not appropriate for Egypt, “Nor are they appropriate for such matters. We wonder: Which Hamas leaders will flee to Egypt? Did the enemy forces arrest one senior leader so that the rest may escape?”

“The criminal occupation operations are moving from failure to failure, and Netanyahu is doing nothing but killing innocent children, women, the elderly and the defenseless,” he said.

“Instead of harassing a large and powerful country like Egypt, he (Netanyahu) should look for a way out of its great disappointment, the trials that await it, the tragic end, and the dustbin of history that await it!,” the expert warned.

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