Three international schools shut down, 28 warned

The Education Ministry announced on Wednesday that it will be shutting down three international schools, and warning 28 others against violations. Six international schools have also been placed temporarily under the ministry's financial and administrative control due to violations. The ministry's control will be lifted after violations are satisfactorily addressed.

The country-wide crackdown was prompted by allegations raised against the Futures British School, Nasr City, earlier this month, including allegations of sexual assault on students.  Education Ministry investigations were carried out, and it was confirmed that five very young children had been sexually abused by a security guard on the premises. The school was also found to be violating security and licensing regulations.
"Private [schools] are a key pillar of education. The ministry always works on encouraging investment in the education sector and strongly supports this trend," a statement by Education Minister al-Hilaly Sherbini read.
The ministry shut down or placed under control a number of schools upon investigation into repeated complaints filed by the parents of students, the statement added. 
Twenty-eight international schools have been given warnings due to illegal increases in fees, receiving fees in US dollars, increasing the number of students in classes against regulations and not obtaining work permits for foreign employees prior to employing them at the schools, according to the minister's statement.

The list of schools that have been warned against closure:

School NameLocation
1. Green HeightsNew Cairo
2. International School of Choueifat (ISC)October 6 City
3. Gheriany International School (GIS)New Cairo
4. Manaret Al Farouq Islamic Language SchoolNew Cairo
5. Modern Education SchoolNew Cairo
6. Manor House International SchoolNew Cairo
7. International School of Choueifat (ISC)New Cairo
8. BBCAl-Salam
9. Future French SchoolNew Cairo
10. Cambridge Egypt Integrated SchoolNew Cairo
11. Dr. Nermien Ismail Language Schools (NIS)New Cairo
12. Canadian International School (CIS)New Cairo
13. Al-Afak Al-Gadeda International SchoolNew Cairo
14. Nile Egyptian SchoolsOctober 6 City
15. Cairo English SchoolNew Cairo
16. American International School (AIS)New Cairo
17. International School of ElliteNew Cairo
18. Sunrise Internatinal SchoolHurghada
19. Smart International SchoolKerdasa
20. Green Valley School (GVS)New Cairo
21. Al Retaj International SchoolNew Cairo
22. Smart Village SchoolKerdasa
23. Orouba Language SchoolDokki
24. Rajac Language SchoolObour
25. Port Said Language School-Zamalek West Cairo
26. Narmer Language SchoolDokki
27. Dar El Tarbiah SchoolAgouza
28.  El-Fouad International SchoolZagazig

The list of schools that have been shut down:

School NameLocation
1. International Deutshe SchoolLuxor
2. Leaders Language SchoolKerdasa
3. Heliopolis schoolCentral Alexandria

The list of schools that have been placed temporarily under the Education Ministry's financial and administrative control:

School NameLocation
1. International School of Choueifat (ISC)
New Cairo
2. American International School (AIS)New Cairo
3. Eagles International SchoolKerdasa
4. Ibn Sina Private Language SchoolAboul Nomros
5. El Massria Integrated SchoolTenth of Ramadan City
6. Trust International SchoolKerdasa

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