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Tips to reduce air conditioning and electricity consumption

Over time, air conditioning has become an indispensable device in homes and workplaces.

With climate changes and summer temperatures rising year by year, air conditioning cools you down and helps people continue their daily tasks.

At the same time, it is one of the main contributors to high electricity consumption and high costs of bills, both inside and outside the home.

The Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker announced on Thursday the increase in prices of all segments of electricity consumption, including the first and the second segments of the low-income classes.

In the following report, Al-Masry Light states 12 tips to ration the consumption of air conditioning by a ratio between 10 to 20 percent.

1. Close doors and windows to prevent the leakage of cold air outside or hot air inside the room. Close the curtains before opening the air conditioner to create shade. Put the air conditioner in the shade as well.

2. A fan can help decrease weather temperature.

3. Read the instructions of the air conditioner device properly and follow them.

4. Set the air conditioner’s temperature 25C because it reduces between 6 to 8 percent of the device’s consumption of electricity.

5. Turn off the sir conditioning before leaving the room.

6. Consider using the appropriate air conditioning capacity for the room being cooled, because using a device of a smaller size than required drains the device and causes poor performance. While choosing a device of a larger capacity than required leads to high humidity levels in the room and poor performance as well.

7. Perform regular maintenance on the air conditioning system by cleaning the air filter and ensuring that all moving parts of the air conditioner operate easily cause the air to flow efficiently.

8. Check the air conditioning system immediately by specialists in case the device starts cooling in an inappropriate manner.

9. Avoid placing the thermostat of the conditioning device near bulbs or any source of heat and avoid using a dehumidifier while operating the air conditioner.

10. When purchasing an air conditioner, choose the most efficient device, which has the lowest electricity consumption level. The consumption level of electricity is usually affixed on a paper on the device.

11. When buying an air conditioner, choose a device that has a temperature control option within the air space (the energy saving option).

12. When using air conditioning in the summer, after it reaches the appropriate temperature, according to the temperature set, you have to raise the temperature gradually to reduce the cooling degree. In winter, after the device reaches the appropriate temperature, according to the temperature set, you have to reduce the temperature gradually. This tip reduces electricity consumption between 1 to 3 percent.

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