TV host urges Interior Ministry to strike Matariya district

TV host Ahmed Moussa called on Interior Ministry to strike the neighborhood Matariya to eradicate protesters, calling them ‘terrorists’ that must be shot.
In his talk show aired on Sada al-Balad TV on Monday, Moussa said, “Law is the bullets. That is the law and justice. What happens in Matariya does not satisfy any one. What happens to the ministry. It should return back as strong as it used to be.”
Addressing the ministry, Moussa added, “Strike Matariya and the terrorists in Matariya. Until when will people die of terrorism.”
News reports quoted medical sources as saying that at least 12 persons were killed in Matariya on Sunday, which marked the fourth anniversary of the 2011 revolution. According to Health Ministry, 23 persons were killed nationwide.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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