Two policemen allegedly attempt to rape 19-year-old lady in Minya

A lady who fled her family's house in Minya accused two policemen on Saturday of trying to rape her.

Major General Osama Metwally, assistant interior minister in Minya, received a claim by the 19-year-old lady accusing two policemen of attempted rape. The notice added that the lady escaped her father's house because he wanted her to marry against her will.

The lady said in the claim that the two policemen apparently rescued her from an attempted rape by a taxi driver, but instead of returning her to her family, they sent her to a woman who runs a brothel. The two officer allegedly attempted to rape her later.

She reportedly managed to escape and filed a claim against them.

Seven other policemen affiliated with the New Minya police station showed solidarity with their colleagues and shut down the police station.

Meanwhile, the head of the investigations department launched an investigation against the seven police personnel and the two other officers who are accused of attempted rape.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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