UN agency releases new estimate of refugees in Egypt

The total number of refugees and asylum-seekers registered at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees office in Cairo reached 44,070, the UNHCR announced Tuesday.

A report issued by the office shows that 56 percent are Sudanese, 17 percent are Iraqi, 16 percent are Somali, 4 percent are Eritrean, 4 percent are Ethiopian, and 3 percent are of other nationalities.

The report said that between January and October 2011, documents of 1098 refugees have been filed for resettlement, and the agency has helped 263 Sudanese refugees return to their home countries.

The UNHCR has records of 47 refugees detained in Cairo, including 28 Sudanese nationals, eight Eritreans, four Ethiopians, five Somalis and two Congolese nationals, the report said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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