Unicef launches clickfunding campaign to provide drinking water

Unicef Egypt has launched a campaign to provide drinking water connections to 1,000 houses in Egypt, making use of a "clickfunding" system to simultaneously raise awareness and funds.

Unicef has adopted a system whereby interactions on social media platforms count toward increased funding.

Every time a viewer "likes", shares or comments on the project-related content, they add to an overall tally that is forwarded to the project's sponsors, who will provide more funds accordingly.

The Egyptian drinking-water project makes use of the clickfunding site, which is hosting the campaign, showing the following video:

Each viewer response to the video or any of the page posts with the hashtag ‪#‎clickscount‬ will contribute points to the final goal.

The drinking-water project is the first time Unicef Egypt has turned to clickfunding as a means of raising money.

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