University professors demand dismissal of higher education minister

Some 1400 university professors on Facebook called for demonstrations before the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on Saturday to demand the removal of Higher Education Minister Amr Ezzat Salama for his statements on the election of senior university administrators.

They plan to submit a list of requests to the council and to Prime Minister Essam Sharaf, including that all senior administrators be removed and replaced with others elected from university staff by the end of the academic year.

They also demand a gradual increase in their salary scheme until it is on par with that of the judiciary, a reformulation of the scholarship system and the formation of a syndicate for university staff.

Eight professors from Cairo University’s Faculty of Mass Communication who support Dean Sami Abdel Aziz also filed a complaint with the higher education minister against students who staged sit-ins on campus calling for his resignation. The students and many faculty staff consider Aziz a remnant of the former regime.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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