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Up to 238 aid trucks enter Gaza through Rafah and Karem Abu-Salem crossings

An official North Sinai source said that 238 aid trucks have entered into the Gaza Strip, including 84 trucks from the Rafah crossing border, and 154 trucks from the Karem-Abu Shalom crossing south of Rafah.

Amongst the trucks that were entered through Rafah land crossing gate were four gas trucks for homes, 65 miscellaneous aid trucks, and 15 trucks for the private sector, the source explained.

According to the source, the aid trucks include 49 food trucks, seven flour trucks, a blanket truck, two tent trucks, a mattress truck, three for cleaning supplies, and two water trucks, while the private sector trucks include three rice trucks, three Indomie trucks, two Nescafe trucks, two Prill trucks, a nuts truck, a Cola truck, a juice truck, and two milk trucks.

Up to 154 trucks entered into the Gaza Strip through the Karem Abu-Salem crossing gate, which included 136 aid trucks, and 18 from the private sector.

The source explained that the aid trucks include 19 flour trucks, 56 food supplies, four cleaning materials, 27 mattresses, two water trucks, three for blankets, a tent truck, a pasta truck, four sugar, seven rice, a lentil truck, a food supplement truck, an Indomie truck, three for cereals, a milk truck, a tuna truck, a biscuit truck, a ghee truck, and two tea trucks.

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