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Up to 50 Israelis reportedly committed suicide due to trauma following Nova Festival incident

Guy Ben Shimon, one of the survivors of the Nova music concert in Re’im settlement adjacent to the Gaza Strip on October 7, revealed that about 50 Israelis committed suicide around February as a result of post-traumatic stress disorder, international media outlets reported on Tuesday.

Shimon added it is likely that the number will continue to rise.

An Israeli army combat helicopter had mistakenly opened fire on Israeli citizens participating in a music concert, assuming that they were among the perpetrators of the October 7 attacks.

The Israeli police announced at the time that the death toll at the festival was likely up to 364 people, including 17 security personnel.

Hamas fighters were not aware of the Nova festival in advance.

Shimon added: “There are many survivors who had to be forcibly admitted to the hospital, due to their psychological condition, and my friends do not get out of bed, and I do not do that either. I’m practically unable to do anything.”

“Our goal is to return to work normally, but we will not be able to do this without sufficient assistance.”

The survivors appeared before the State Oversight Committee in the Knesset on Tuesday, where they spoke out on the bureaucratic difficulties they faced when receiving government services.

They also demanded appropriate psychological support and recognition of their post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Israeli Ministry of Health meanwhile denied these claims, with the head of the Ministry’s Mental Health Department, Gilad Bodenheimer, stating that the reported numbers are incorrect.

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