Update: EFA, police club fire injures 15

The number of people injured in the fire at the Egyptian Football Association and the Police Club in Gezira has risen to 15, according to Ambulance Authority head Mohamed Sultan.

Sultan said that the injured suffered from bruises, abrasions, burns and smoke inhalation, though he added that none of the injuries were serious. Sultan added that the ambulance authority was on high alert and had stationed more ambulances downtown and near the ministries.

Members of the Ultras Ahlawy had gathered in front of the Ahly Club headquarters in Gezira two hours after the Port Said Criminal Court had handed down a verdict acquitting 28 defendants in the Port Said case. Though the court upheld the death sentences of 21 other defendants and sentenced five others to life, angry Ultras Ahlawy members started attacking the EFA and the Gezira Police Club.

Two military helicopters were deployed in Cairo to help contain fires at Egyptian Football Association and Police Club, which were set by Ultras Ahlawy members earlier today, the military spokesperson said on his Facebook page.

Tharwat Seleem, a top official at the Egyptian Football Association, also said that all the original trophies won by Egypt in various football competitions were stolen.

Seleem added, according to MENA, that the trophies were stolen before members of Ultras set fire to the EFA's building in Gezira.

However, Seleem didn't elaborate on how many trophies were stolen from the EFA.

Dozens of Ultras Ahlawy members marched from Mohamed Mahmoud Street to the High Court, chanting “the people want the execution of the field marshal” and “Interior Ministry members are thugs.” Ultras members briefly blocked trains at the Sadat metro stop, but movement resumed shortly thereafter.

All streets leading to the Interior Ministry in downtown Cairo were blocked off, and the Armed Forces were deployed around the Cabinet and Parliament buildings on Qasr al-Aini Street.

Egypt's navy on Saturday reinforced its presence throughout the Suez Canal after protesters in Port Said stopped ferries from Port Said to Port Fouad.

Earlier Reuters reported that protesters untied moored speedboats used to supply shipping on the Suez Canal.

The new measures by the Armed Forces came as a new wave of anger washed over Port Said after the death sentences against 21 local residents in the Port Said football violence case were upheld by a court Saturday. Unknown attackers smashed glass windows in front of the Masry Club and used wooden benches inside to block 23 July Street.

Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Ahmed Aref described the reactions of the defendants' families as "unreasonable."

Aref told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the ruling in not final and could be challenged before the Court of Cassation. He also added that the Brotherhood respects judicial rulings and that whoever rejects them should take the right procedures.
Sobhy Saleh, a Shura Council member representing the Freedom and Justice Party, said the ruling is normal and that judicial rulings shouldn’t be commented on, as this would amount to interference.

Saleh also told Al-Masry Al-Youm that reactions from the defendants’ families are "normal," but added that they do not have to start a crisis and that there should be no attempts to react violently.

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