Update: US dollar price hits LE27 on Thursday

The price of the US dollar hit LE27 in mid-trading on Thursday, January 5, 2023, after it reached a new high yesterday. 

The dollar price of in banks in mid-day trading today before the rise:

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

LE26.95 for purchase

LE 27 for sale

Housing and Development Bank

LE27for purchase

LE 27.1 for sale

Commercial International Bank

LE27 for purchase

LE 27.1 for sale

Banque du Caire

LE26.85 for purchase

LE26.9 for sale


Le27 for purchase

LE27.1 for sale

Banque Misr

LE26.85 for purchase

LE 26.9 for sale

National Bank of Egypt

LE26.95 for purchase

LE 27 for sale

The initial rise was yesterday as the US dollar rose significantly on Wednesday to LE26, coinciding with Banque Misr the National Bank of Egypt offering savings certificates, with a return of 25 percent.

Egypt’s central bank hiked overnight interest rates by 300 basis points on Thursday, December 22, in an attempt to curb inflation rates.

The CBE’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) raised the deposit rate to 16.25 percent and its lending rate to 17.25 percent.

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