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US assessment of Gaza war not impacted by decision to disband Israel’s war cabinet, State Department says

From CNN's Michael Conte and Jennifer Hansler

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dissolution of the war cabinet does not change the Biden administration’s “fundamental assessment” of the war in Gaza, according to State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.

Miller would not comment specifically on the dissolution of the war cabinet, saying “ultimately, those decisions are decisions for the government of Israel and for the people of Israel.” Miller also would not offer his assessment on what the dissolution of the war cabinet might mean for US discussions on the ceasefire proposal, conversations around which continue with the governments of Israel, Qatar, and Egypt.

He also said the US “very much” welcomed the announcement of a “tactical pause” by the Israel Defense Forces along a route in southern Gaza to allow for further distribution of aid, a decision that an Israeli official told CNN made Netanyahu unhappy when he first heard of it.

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