US dollar exchange rate records minor change Tuesday

The exchange rate of the US dollar recorded slight variations against the Egyptian pound during banking dealings Tuesday.

According to the last price update, the exchange rate of US dollar in the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) recorded at LE 17.72 for purchasing and LE 17.82 for sale.

In the Commercial International Bank (CIB), the US dollar price declined by one piaster, to record LE 17.71 for purchase and LE 17.81 for sale, from LE 17.72 for purchase and LE 17.82 for sale.

In Bank Misr, al-Baraka Bank, Arab African International Bank (AAIB) and the National Bank of Greece (NBG), the US dollar prices stood at LE17.71 for purchase and LE17.81 for sale while it declined by three piasters to record LE17.68 for purchase and LE17.78 for sale, from LE17.71 for purchase and LE17.81 for sale.



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