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US dollar price rises on Thursday

The price of the US dollar jumped on Thursday in a number of banks operating in Egypt, in mid-trading, after a slight decline recorded in a number of Egyptian banks, including Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank.

The price of the dollar in various banks on Thursday:

The price of the dollar rose on Thursday by the middle of trading in the the Arab International Bank, the Egyptian Arab Land Bank and the United Bank, recording LE 30.6 for purchase and LE30.7 for sale.


and LE 30.68 for sale. While at the National Bank of Egypt it recorded LE30.55 for purchase and LE 30.6 for sale.

The price of the dollar recorded at the beginning of trading in the National Bank of Egypt LE 29.75 for purchase, and LE 29.80 for sale. It recorded in Banque Misr LE29.75 for purchase, and LE29.80 for sale.

While in ALEXBANK it recorded LE29.55 for purchase, and LE29.65 pounds for sale.

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