Video: Fairouz releases new song about Jerusalem following Gaza massacre


“O God! How long?” was the title of a new song released by Fairouz following the recent Israeli massacre of Palestinians last week.

Fairouz appeared in front of a figure representing Christ and also performed the song “The Flower of the Cities”, which she first sung back in June 1967.

On Monday her daughter Rima Rahbani posted the song’s lyrics on Facebook;

“How long, O God, will you forget me… forever? How long will you look away from my face? How long will you whisper in my soul, spreading sadness in my heart… How long will my enemy be superior to me?”

Fairouz’s followers on Twitter expressed their love for her new song, with one saying “O God! How well Fairouz expresses the pain and injustice we all suffer from.”

Kuwaiti writer Saadia Mafrah said, “Fairouz’s recent song released by her daughter Rima Rahbani proves her voice is just as captivating and unique as it always was, even after passing 82 years of age.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm


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