Wasat Party to suggest new national dialogue

The Wasat Party’s parliamentary bloc in the Shura Council is putting forward a new initiative to renew national dialogue, while calling for suggestions from other council members, as well as from the government and judicial bodies.

“Many former regime officials were acquitted because evidence for their crimes was weak. And there are attempts to prevent the building of state institutions, to stop the president from calling elections and to bring back the former prosecutor general,” said party member Mohamed Youssef. “That’s why we need this initiative to put the revolution back on track.”

Youssef also called on all political parties to put aside their differences and unite to achieve the demands of the revolution.

He added that the party has submitted a draft amendment to the judicial authority law that recommends the prosecutor general be chosen by the Supreme Judicial Council, and that members of judicial bodies be paid the same as members of the Constitutional Court.

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