Wedding registries go high-tech

More than three in four couples would rather have an ultra-high definition TV on their wedding registry than a formal China dinner service, according to a US study of 1,000 brides and 1,000 grooms.

Useful gifts now trump presents with sentimental value, and tech devices are quickly moving to the top of the list. When asked, 74 percent of recently married couples said that it is now appropriate to add items such as Blu-ray players and digital cameras to wedding lists.

The study, commissioned by electronics retailer Best Buy, also found that couples that have been together for 20 years or more wish that they had been more tech-savvy when drawing up their own wedding registry. If they had a chance to do it over again today, 41 percent said that a TV would be on the list and 31% would have asked for a tablet while 24 percent would have gone for a smart thermostat.

"Both the bride and groom are spending more time than ever on their registries, and tech items are showing up more and more because of how couples live and work today," said Wendy Fritz, Best Buy's head of gifting strategy.

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