Worker protests before parliament escalate

Anger is mounting among workers protesting in front of the Egyptian parliament. A group of laborers from the Amonsito Textile Company, who say they have gone 26 months without receiving back pay, tore off their clothes yesterday in an attempt to gain attention. Meanwhile, workers from a telephone equipment factory and Nubareya Company organized a mock funeral and lowered an effigy representing “Egyptian companies” into a grave.

Around 300 workers from the Amonsito Company condemned the lack of action on an agreement signed last month stipulating that they should receive LE100 million in compensation for their lost jobs, though only LE50 million were allocated.

Nubareya Company workers organized a funeral to draw attention to the fact that no officials have met with them throughout their protest. They said they have not received salaries for 26 months, which lead them to eat only bread and salt.

Around eight workers from the telephone equipment factory continued their hunger strike, demanding their end-of-service payment packages. They say that the other workers will get early-retirement packages.

Other trade union members continued their protest for a third day yesterday, while hundreds of workers from the Egyptian Copper Company staged a sit-in in Tebbeen demanding higher wages.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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