YouTube video shows police apparently assaulting ‘dangerous fugitive’

A YouTube video that appears to show plain-clothed police agents and army personnel assaulting a man who was arrested last week in Qalyubiya Governorate is circulating on the internet.

Local authorities had accused Sabry Sobhy, 25, also known as Farafiro, of attacking a police department in an attempt to free his detained brother. Police described him as a "dangerous fugitive."

Farafiro was arrested last Wednesday in a large raid that was screened and broadcast on national TV as a victory for the police.

But in the YouTube video, Farafiro is shown sitting down with officers who swear at him, chide him and beat him for his alleged crimes. Then, one officer orders him to stand up and repeat the insults to the camera.

The video provoked various reactions by YouTube commenters. One YouTube user said human rights should not be applied selectively, stressing that all suspects have the right to a fair trial.

Another commenter disagreed, saying that the actions in the clip would be a corollary of felons' endangering the safety of others. The user urged sympathizers to think of the crimes Farafiro committed, stressing that "such criminals have no rights."

Internet videos exposing security authorities' violations against detainees have shown up frequently over the past few years.

A clip posted in September showed military personnel beating and humiliating suspects at a police department in Daqahlia Governorate.

The video, which sparked a public outcry, prompted military prosecutors to refer the officers involved to investigation. But the investigators concluded that other scenes showing the suspects firing at military forces had been removed from the video, and did not bring charges.

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