3 train accidents in Beheira

Three train accidents took place in the governorate of Beheira between the hours of 10:25 PM and 11:25 PM, resulting in the deaths of two people and injuring nine others. Alaa el-Badri, sheriff of the railway police notified General Magdy Abu Qamr, director of security in Beheira of the accidents Thursday evening.

The first accident took place between Alexandria and Mansoura when train 518 conducted by el-Sayid Abdel Khaliq Matlua struck train 480 , which was conducted by Sabry Mohamed Anwar Abdel Hamid and was traveling from Matruh to Cairo. The accident took place when the first train stalled on the tracks near el-Haganaya and the second train hit it from behind, pushing it off the tracks. The accident left nine people lightly injured; however, there were no deaths. The wounded were treated at the scene.

Train 518 then continued its journey to Cairo after the car was put back on the rails. Train 480 was towed to a railway workshop in Damanhour for repairs

Walid el-Bahiri, director of the prosecution for north Damanhour, is investigating the accident under the supervision of Yasir Zaki, attorney-general of north Damanhour. Testimony has been taken from the conductors of the two trains and employees of the railway responsible for the movement of the trains. A technical committee will be formed to retrieve the black boxes from the two trains and to estimate the value of the damages.

Meanwhile a second accident took place in front of the Damanhour tunnel when a train struck Muntasr Mustafa Ramadan, 23, killing him instantly. His body was transported to the mortuary of the General Hospital of Damanhour.

Another accident occurred near the village of Nisan, in Abu Hummus, when a train traveling from Cairo to Alexandria struck and killed an unidentified individual.The victim’s body was transported to Abu Hummus hospital. 

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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