37 Morsy loyalists accused of “terrorism” after clashes

Prosecutors in 6 October City are investigating 37 Mohamed Morsy supporters after they allegedly joined clashes outside Egyptian Media Production City late Friday which left tens injured.

Supporters of the ousted president have been staging sit-ins and marches demanding the return of Morsy whom the army overthrow in early July in response to massive protests against his rule.

The Health Ministry had said 23 were wounded during the clashes outside the EMPC, home to a number of satellite channels that are scathingly critical of the deposed leader and his Islamist allies.

Four police officers were wounded, four gates were smashed and police and private vehicles were set ablaze when security held off the Muslim Brotherhood march from getting into the facility.

The 37 suspects face accusations of forming a gangster group, assaulting government facilities with a mind to committing terrorist acts, attempted murder of police officers, possession of arms and ammunition, arson and sabotage.

The injured police officers at Sheikh Zayed and Agouza hospitals told interrogators they engaged with protesters only after they used the firearms against police.

Thirty-six suspects admitted to involvement in the incident, with one of the accused telling interrogators they went to 6 October City to “purge the media after it caused the fall of the first elected Islamist president."

Interrogators failed to interrogate one suspect who had been hospitalized at Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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