76 Egyptian NGOs to supervise parliamentary poll

Seventy-six Egyptian NGOs will be authorized to monitor the upcoming parliamentary poll, said Sameh al-Kashef, spokesperson for the High Elections Commission (HEC).

The HEC is in the process of issuing the necessary permits for these NGOs in order for them to carry out their role of ensuring the integrity of the election process, he added.

Al-Kashef also revealed that those NGOs which are more actively involved in the political process and have no partisan affiliations were approved.

He added that these conditions were intended to ensure that none of these NGOs will serve any one particular candidate.

Representatives of the HEC were dispatched to the different governorates to ensure that these NGOs did not take part in publicity campaigns for candidates in the parliamentary elections slated for 28 November.

Asked if the HEC solicited the help of security forces in determining the impartiality of the NGOs, al-Kashef said that the HEC has its own mechanisms and does not resort to police reports in this regard.

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