9 power facilities damaged in Friday airstrikes on Ukraine, energy minister says

Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko has said that “9 power generation facilities” have been damaged in Friday’s attacks.

He did not specify which locations.

The minister said the substations were damaged and as a result this has lead to a “restrictions of electricity production at nuclear generation facilities.”

The power situation in Kharkiv “will be difficult,” he continued. The northeastern city has lost power completely, Mayor Ihor Terekhov noted on Telegram earlier.

Halushchenko noted in his message that “electricity supply is impossible for 50% of customers.”

It comes as Ukraine’s state energy provider Ukrenergo said it had activated its “emergency mode,” following the wave of Russian attacks on Friday.

Ukrenergo said the targets included “thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants and substations of 330-750 kV main grids.”

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