‘A Day to Die’ team tours Cairo streets before special screening

As “A Day to Die” is set to premiere in all theaters in the Middle East and Africa, a special screening of the movie has so far been in Saudi Arabia and the UAE during the past few days.

Since Tuesday, a number of the film’s staff have arrived in Cairo, where the special screening of the film will be held on Wednesday.

Mohamed Karim, one of the film’s stars, arranged a schedule of visits for the team consisting of Leon Reponson and Brooke Butler, and director Wes Miller upon their arrival in Cairo.



A day to remember

There they enjoyed famous Egyptian food, and toured the streets of Old Cairo, Al Hussein and Al Moez Street, where the fans was surprised by their presence.

They also visited the area of ​​the pyramids and the Sphinx and archaeological areas, and will attend the Pyramids Air Show.

Karim stressed that he always seeks to help in promoting the country’s tourism, as well as presenting it as important, open and diverse for filming areas.

The cast expressed their happiness at enjoying the archaeological areas alongside their fans, who asked Karim to be in public places and not the places that will deal with them as tourists.

A Day To Die is directed by American director Wis Miller and produced by Vertical Entertainment, Capstone Group, Andrew van den Houten and others, and is written by Rab Berry and Scott Mallace. It stars Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo, Kevin Dilon and Karim.

This film is the second starring for Karim in Hollywood, and he previously presented his movie “A Score To Settle“, which he co-stars with Nicolas Cage, which achieved great success in cinemas globally.

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