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a2 International Education Fair debuts in Egypt

The prospect of getting on a plane and stepping into a brand new culture with endless learning possibilities is highly attractive to many prospective students–but the actual process of admissions is mysterious–and elusive–to many. So a2 International Education Fairs are stepping in to help.

This year, the a2 fair is being held in Egypt, the largest–for the first time–student-providing country in North Africa. Hosted at the Intercontinental Citystars Hotel in Cairo, the two-day event was inaugurated on Tuesday. Doors will open to scrambling young scholars between 5 PM and 10 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The a2 International Education Fairs are among the most prominent global student recruitment events. Drawing from their 20-year experience in the education and counseling fields, a2 International Education Fairs have organized noteworthy student recruitment fairs in Turkey, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Morocco.

a2 facilitates the research process for students who wish to study abroad, through bringing together a group of representatives from various international education institutions.

With a blend of undergraduate programs, masters and MBA degrees, language education certificates, high school diplomas, internships, summer programs, and prerequisite tests such as the ‪TOEFL‬, IELTS‬, ‪GRE‬ on offer, the a2 Education Fair is an opportunity for many Egyptians to explore their options for pursuing international education.

a2 fairs select dates in order to accommodate the needs of both students and participating institutions. By planning event dates to coincide with the time of year when students start to seriously consider their future plans for education and seek information, a2 aim for maximum efficiency.

In each destination country, the a2 team corresponds with a number of local partners who facilitate the process and provide necessary data regarding local annual education calendars, periods allocated for exams, and official holidays.

At the a2 Cairo fair this October, representatives from universities in the US, the UK, Switzerland, Turkey and many other countries are available to respond to queries concerning tuition, admission requirements, and more.  

Tuesday night, the a2 fair kicked off with an information session about studying in Belgium, namely at the Boston University in Brussels. The next session focused on Turkish higher education, and the Turkish Sabanci University. Because many students are intrigued by the prospect of studying in the US but lack adequate information, AMIDEAST and EducationUSA hosted a session regarding admission procedures for both undergraduate and graduate students.

a2 also provides face-to-face communication between prospective students and schools.

Among the scheduled sessions for Wednesday are: undergraduate and postgraduate education in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, namely the Cyprus International University, and studying in Europe and Russia, introduced by the Linkturs Egypt Educational Center. The University of San Francisco will also discuss study opportunities in the US. 

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