Abu Ismail condemns criticism of Brotherhood rule

Salafi preacher and former presidential candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail said he will not run for the House of Representatives or presidential elections, adding that he had tried to run in the previous presidential elections fearing that the revolution would be defeated and the former regime would return.

Calls for the downfall of the Muslim Brotherhood were calls to drop an 80-year-old social entity, Abu Ismail told the satellite channel Sada al-Balad on Monday. He also denounced descriptions of Mohamed Morsy’s presidency as the rule of the Brotherhood supreme guide.

It is not a problem he said, if figures such as supreme guide Mohamed Badie or his deputy Khairat al-Shater make statements.

Media has become part of the political conflict, Abu Ismail said, adding that his sit-in outside Media Production City in December did not prevent any broadcasts or hamper state interests.

There are those, Abu Ismail said, including former regime officials, businessmen, and former presidential hopefuls, along with some Arab states, who intend not to give Morsy a chance to work.

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