Abu Ismail praises prosecution deputy for ordering lashing of drunk citizen

During a talk show aired on Al-Nas satellite channel on Monday, Abu Ismail said his problems with the Nour Party will remain, in part because they will continue to form problematic alliances.


"The Nour Party meets with Ahmed Shafiq, the National Salvation Front and the US Embassy,” he said.

Regarding the case of a drunk man in Minya being sentenced to lashing, Abu Ismail said. “I pay tribute to the prosecution deputy who issued the sentence of lashing the drunk person, although this should really be ordered by judiciary.”

Abu Ismail also criticized the chanting of slogans against Popular Current chief Hamdeen Sabbahi when he was at a symposium at Faculty of Engineering in Shubra. “I was angry about what happened with Sabbahi today. Whoever attends such meetings should hear and talk, or else, not attend.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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